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Once and always
Once and always, what we do to cope,
sheltered from our fears, we cannot forever hide behind hope.
Eventually it cannot take the strain,
cannot bear the bitter sweet lies,
why do i need this disguise?
Broken into a million tiny pieces, until theres nothing left anymore,
Shattered like a broken mirror on a stone cold floor,
such familiariies open the over familiar door.
Yet who will pick the pieces up from of the floor?
Once and always, perfections picture was re-painted,
although i sometimes wonder if my soul and front should be better aquainted.
Hope may be plan A,
but i need a plan B,
sadly such wantings are fickle you see.
Back and forth hopes and fears go,
thats the way we work didnt you know?
Cloulds shall darken and clouds get light,
i'll be fighting for the silver linned one thats promisingly bright.
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card illustration idea by kpnut1987 card illustration idea :iconkpnut1987:kpnut1987 2 1 birthday card illustration by kpnut1987
Mature content
birthday card illustration :iconkpnut1987:kpnut1987 1 0
The once enchanting rain
The once enchanting rain,
is heavy on my heart as I drown in the bitter cold alone.
I hoped we would never part.
But are your intentions pure?
I carelessly forgot my umbrella
I cannot predict the weather as I cannot predict your love.
Once was the sun,
Now the storm in this preposterous weather
I wonder are your intentions pure?
With you as the tiny droplets touched my lips,
I shivered with delight.
Now I quiver with fright,
Fright of losing you,
losing me.
Forever never understanding just wanting to touch you once more
Are you the only one with which this pleasure I can adore?
I try to remember days are rainy and days are bright,
Shower me with your love.
So no matter what the weather we'll be alright.
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My dreams i cannot control
You can only delve so deep before you begin to uncontrolably drownd,
caught up in a net of all the lies and fears youve found.
Bitterly choking on your love,
reality trying to show real hate,
dreams of bliss are replaced with nightmares of your face.
All to knowingly smug,
lacking so much grace.
Gaze so sharp it could instantly freeze the soul,
reality is clear but my dreams i cannot control.
:iconkpnut1987:kpnut1987 1 0
Talk to me of stars
Talk to me of stars over bodies intertwined,
sing to me of dreams and true love undefined.
Whisper sweet promises of happiness,
Under this heavenly blanket our arms caress.
Touch me like the wind gently dancing on my soul,
always flowing in endless fantasies my mind loses control.
Promise me the world over and over again,
blissfully together kissing and dancing in the rain.
Hold me here forever at least until we wake,
cause for tonight at least my heart is yours to take.
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fate finds you
Lost in the world,
little hope or connection,
dreaming fate will push us in the right direction.
Praying for that so far away.
So, mysterious,
fluttering hope building inside.
So close yet so far.
There in my heart as i imagine you to be.
does fate flutter your heart in the direction of me?
So many,
souls dying to be loved.
Is it all maped out by angels far above?
Follow that mysterious star.
take a chance on love.
Faint, distant hearts may be brought together,
destined to be that way forever.
Dont walk away from fate.
Follow signs of the heart.
It may seem...
crazy even,
im crazilling hoping.
hoping with faint heart,
for properus love,
that melts snowlflakes,
like precious fairies.
touching my longing soul,
forever searching for that special soulmate,
for you to console.
follow that feeling deep in your gut,
hopefully fate will be keeping up.
ultimatly wondering hearts searching affection,
unexpecidly will be brought togeth
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mr moon
Mr moon you make me smile,
your bright ray of light,
shines on my heart thoughout the night.
Full of hope and aspiration,
so straight forward wheres the temptation?
The sun burns hope,
but breads passion,
when did love become a competiton of fashion?
The moon may glow,
but the sun continues burning my heart like a dying flame,
once blinded by the sun its never the same.
Although the bright moon may ease the pain.
The sun may set, but like clockwork stil rises in the morning,
it's the sun i long for but the moon i'm adoring.
:iconkpnut1987:kpnut1987 0 0
heart shaped clouds
Perfectly delicate, fluffy and free,
wonders aimlessly.
Longing to be held,
If neglected pours its heart upon the world.
some float together others sadly apart,
is yours as light and dreamy as my heart?
Can float away into a million pieces, forever lost,
poof! is the beauty along with the love,
treat my heart delicatly as you would the beautiful clouds above.
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Who has your heart?
Who do you think of when the lights go down?
Who makes you smile? when your so glum all you do is frown.
who is always there through rain and shine?
who would come to your rescue, no matter what the time?
who would hold you in their arms, comfort you, tell everything will be okay?
who is their for you, hugging you, loving you at the start of each day?
Who grabs your heart, regardless of heartache?
Who is that person? any risk for which you would take.
Who do you dream of regardless of reality and pain?
Who do you love so much? you would blindly forgive over and over again.
Who makes your heart skip a beat with the glance of a smile?
Who would you give anything to? just to be in there arms for a little while.
Who has your heart?
:iconkpnut1987:kpnut1987 0 2
sharp love
exquisite silver exterior,
on the outside it's nothing superior.
With the flick of hand,
it gleams with a glimpse of the soul;
I’m slipping out of control.
Gently slipping in,
pleasure begins,
penetrating my,
body, heart and soul.
Lost in love,
consumed by ecstasy.
Longing for more.
I'm on the brink of bliss,
with every thrust and kiss.
I can't breathe.
I can't breathe.
It hurts so much.
Aching in my heart,
stabbing in my chest,
sinking in despair.
my heart screams in pain.
I need that release,
blade now cerise.
Cerise red.
Red the colour of my heart.
:iconkpnut1987:kpnut1987 0 2
sweet seduction
Wraped, delicatly.
Opened, slowly.
Sitting, temptingly.
Waiting, teasingly.
Touched, softly.
Licked, lustfully.
Devoured, eagerly.
Melted, willingly.
Enjoyed, emensly.
Wanting, endlessly!
:iconkpnut1987:kpnut1987 0 2
my own worst enemy
Beaten to the ground,
by the biggest bully i know.
Round and round they go.
The bruises appear,
before you come near.
On my...
and my mind,
Beaten to the ground,
by the biggest bullie i know.
Black and blue.
my heart so low.
Gloves ready waiting for the next blow.
Beaten into the ground,
by the biggest bully i know.
Its not good enough never will be,
not for you
or even me.
I beat myself senseless
blocking it out
No thinking,
no failing
no judging
At all.
Beaten into the ground,
by the biggest bully i know
If i dont try,
'I could'
will come as a blow.
i'll have been beaten by the biggestest bully i know.
:iconkpnut1987:kpnut1987 0 0
first date
The moonlight was the small ray of hope in my heart.
The darkness was the fear dwelling and panic beginning to start.
I plodded along, shaking inside,
All the scared,
mixed emotions i was trying to hide.
Will i like you.
Will you like me.
sinking into the darkness dreaming of moonlight.
I plodded along to find a suprising sight,
a smile,
someone nice to see.
Will i like you,
Will you like me.
Know were here again we'll have to wait and see.
:iconkpnut1987:kpnut1987 0 1
tough love pulls you through
Tap, tap, tap!
her eyes pierced,
fixed across the room.
Filled with...
and pain,
enduring living the same thing over and over again.
Tap, tap, tap!
She moves things around and around,
careful not to make a sound.
back and forth she goes.
No one knows.
Tap, tap, tap!
She knows what there thinking...
Knows what there saying...
What can she do?
She would'nt allow it,
wont lt them win.
Tap, tap, tap!
Consumed by fear.
For the ones she loves,
by the ones she loves,
for the things she does'nt do.
Confused by everything!
Who can she run to?
Tap, tap, tap!
She can't take anymore.
Done hiding,
running away.
It's time to fight her fears today.
Tap, tap, tap!
She beaks down on the floor,
mother for comfort,
sorted it all.
They stil did'nt understand,
how can she get through without your helping hand?
Tap, tap, tap!
Fadded away.
Tough love killed it,
in an upsetting way.
How could you be like that?
You di
:iconkpnut1987:kpnut1987 0 5
blooming lonely
Like a flower waiting to bloom.
I pray you'll take me from this isolation and gloom.
My heart sinks,
lonely as i sway in the summer breeze.
I'm wilting away here pick me please.
:iconkpnut1987:kpnut1987 0 1

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Playing The Burden
Crawl into the space of silence
That sits in the back of my mind
Let my eyes blur out of focus
Try to make time slip by
Away from this world that I barely know
Away from this emptiness filling my soul
I try to run away, run away from you but
The more that I try to get away, get away
Come to conclusions I don't want to be
Wondering does he think of me...
Feeling out these notes of reason
Bring my heart down from the sky
Have no purpose in letting these tears fall
With him there's no reason, no rhyme
Quietly slip in the night
Into a lonely paradise
I try to run away, run away from you but
The more that I try to get away, get away
Come to conclusions I don't want to be
Wondering does he think of me...
I try to get away, get away from this
Hellfire on earth I'm sent away, sent away to
You know I'd give it all away
This burden that I bear
These secrets I can't share
Give it up to not care at all...
I try to get away from you
But the more that I try
The more you're on my mind
:iconfaded-love-at-night:Faded-Love-At-Night 1 1
Like the sun
Dedicated to Ines
You shine like the sun
Take my hand, together we'll run
Through good and bad
And when I'm gone don't be sad
I will always be beside you
Even thought you can't see me, I'm here
Always by your side, in your every smile
In every breath you take
I will fix every mistake you make
I will catch your every tear
I will kill your every fear
Now, hold this moment
Can you feel my by your side?
Take my hand, let's run
Let's face this morning sun
:iconmisscobra:MissCobra 1 3
You're beautiful
When you walked pass me I didn't see you
I got lost all of a sudden from all there people
I felt so small, I started to fall
And then your hand cought me from above
Because you're beautiful
And because I'm a creep
Because of that I can't let you
Get anywhere near me
I'm going through same hell as yesterday
Only now, I'm going alone my way
People are looking strange at me
That's the way it's suppose to be, because I'm just a creep
Because you're wonderful
And because you couldn't see
Because of that I can't let you
Fall in love with me
I'm lying on the floor
It's cold, but I'm burning from anger
Snow is falling from above
Where are you now, my angel
Because you're beautiful
And because I'm a creep
You belong to Heaven
And I belong right here...somewhere in between....
:iconmisscobra:MissCobra 1 4
It takes a minute to have a crush on someone,
an hour to like someone,
and a day to love someone...
but it takes a lifetime to forget someone.
:iconpeaceandlove220:peaceandlove220 1 2
painted love by imagedawg painted love :iconimagedawg:imagedawg 1 2 Gothic Romance II by BunnyBennett Gothic Romance II :iconbunnybennett:BunnyBennett 237 18
Tears of the Atheist
are a sign.
A sign that something is very
and we need someone to come and make it
A sign that we need
So why
when the tears come
does nobody come to my rescue?
I sit and cry
and wait for the day
someone will come
to wipe the tears away.
He will come.
Born out of the white light,
His face young, His hair of gold, His eyes blue.
A friendly smile adds to His angelic face.
And I want to melt into His arms
as He heals my soul with His melodic voice.
He will come
and wipe the tears away.
Over ugly muffins and Taco Bell
I wait for Him
to come and wipe the tears away.
No such luck.
He does not come.
Am I a fool for believing?
I am but a prisioner to my own mind,
to my own world.
Our world
Is far less than perfect.
This is what brings the tears.
This is His world!
One he created!
Why would he make us
bring the tears
upon ourselves?
And one day,
He will come
and wipe the tears away.
:iconcherry-flavored-rain:cherry-flavored-rain 3 16
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